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What It Is:
Innovate.NASA is the place for citizen scientists, private industry, and academia to discover existing NASA technology and collaborate to rethink these inventions.
How It Works:
Innovate.NASA shares NASA research and inventions on its website, and provides insights on innovation via social media. Innovate.NASA participants learn about and contribute to NASA innovation. They build exposure to their innovative ideas by sharing research related to NASA’s tech areas, or identifying ways to redesign and/or new ways to use NASA technologies.
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What It Is:
The Buzz provides visitors an overview of new and popular discussions, and Innovate.NASA social media feeds.
How to Use It:
  • When you log in to your Innovate.NASA account, check in here first - you can see the latest conversations. Link to them and contribute your expertise!
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What It Is:
This is the place for you to learn about NASA technology, ask questions, and discuss your ideas on how to transform these inventions into innovations.
How to Use It:
  • Have a question about the technology?
  • Can you think of a new way to use this technology?
  • Have you heard about a similar research project?
  • Do you have ideas on how to improve this technology?
  • Then join the conversation—post your insights!
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Discussion forums Discussion forums for specific fields of technology
What It Is:
The Technology Area pages provide a forum to engage in discussion about NASA’s key focus areas, ask probing questions, and collaborate with a community of experts to propose new solutions. These 16 Technology Areas were identified by the Office of the Chief Technologist as critical to NASA’s mission. These areas align to NASA’s Technology Roadmap, which defines the types of systems needed to achieve NASA’s goals, prioritizes research, and outlines challenges of the focus areas.
How to Use It:
  • Click on any of the Technology Areas to learn more about its focus, access its technology roadmap, and forum for discussion.
  • Check out existing discussions, and contribute your ideas.
  • Read an interesting online article lately? Researching a related focus area? Have a question? Want feedback on a project? Need to find solutions to a challenge you’re facing? Click contribute to start a new discussion within relevant Technology Areas.
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Welcome to the Innovate.NASA community!

Innovate.NASA is a collaboration platform to foster open discussion about technology across NASA and its external innovation community. This is the place for you to rethink and reinvent existing research, learn about NASA technology, and shape the conversation about future NASA innovation.

We post information about NASA’s inventions and technology focus areas. You join other technology experts, researchers, and innovators in conversation about this NASA technology. We challenge you to think about new ways to use NASA inventions, share a new perspective to encourage innovation, and inspire new ideas.

Innovate.NASA is the web-based component of NASA’s Innovation Ecosystem—an agency-wide initiative to foster technology innovation.